Interior design

If you want to arrange your space, we can help. A team of architects and interior designers with experience in the design and interior design will respond to your needs and within your planned budget.

Dizajn apartmana Zlatibor
Dizajn enterijera | 2019 | Kuća | Zlatibor


Dizajn apartmana
Interior design| 2017/2018 | Apartmant | Zlatibor


enterijer zlatibor
Interior design | 2018 | Apartmant | Zlatibor


Dizajn apartmana Zlatibor
Interior design| 2016 | Apartmant | Zlatibor


Dizajn enterijera
Living room | 2017


Dizajn kupatila

Bathroom | 2015


Dizajn enterijera Bife
Interior design| 2014 | BIFE |


Dizajn enterijera Bife
Concept interior design | 2016


Dizajn enterijera Bife
Interior design | 2010 | bedroom


Dizajn enterijera Bife
Concept of interior design | 2010 | bathroom


Dizajn enterijera Bife
Kitchen design | 2011


Dizajn enterijera Bife
Interior design | 2012


Dizajn enterijera Bife
Interior design | 2014 | swimming pool


Interior design | 2012

Interior design involves

- Creating a conceptual design with 3D visual representation

- Functions of the space with the disposition of the furniture

- Specification of sanitary ware, batteries and ceramic tiles

- Floor coverings

- Choosing the colors of walls, wallpaper, curtains

- Kitchen and interior equipment

- Lighting and lighting positions

- All crafts project

- Choosing furniture

- Decoration

Design project

Creation of complete project - technical documentation for all types of spaces from initial conceptual designs, conceptual designs, projects for construction permit, projects for execution to projects of executed spaces.

Project implementation

Execution of all kinds of works, preparatory works, rough works, sheet metal works, facade works, electrical works, plumbing, plastering works, painting works, ceramic works, parquet works.


Providing expert advice and recommendations for interior design, expert analysis and specifications of selected decorative elements in the interior.


Supervision during the construction or renovation, includes checking the quality of execution of all types of works, application of regulations, standards and technical norms, monitoring the dynamics of construction.



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